A is for Ardbeg

OK, so, I admit, I’ve been lazy.  At the start of the year, not a lot was happening, so I saw little point in writing anything here.  From February onwards, however, things were very busy and, although things were happening, the longer I went without writing anything here, the less I thought about it.

Of course, although I wrote nothing here, gig reviews (and I went to several of them) continued to appear at Kid Vinyl, as usual.

So, apart from work, music and alcohol, what have I been occupying myself with?  Well, more alcohol, as things turn out.  I’ve just returned from an actual real holiday.  One where I did nothing but relax.  I can’t remember if I ever did that before, and it was so much better than I imagine a beach holiday to be.  Over a week of sun, sea and whisky – what could be better?

The first day there involved blagging a warehouse tour of Lagavulin, which involved drinking a ridiculous amount of excellent, and rare, whisky in a ridiculously short amount of time.  I’m sorry to say that some people couldn’t keep up, but I certainly wasn’t going to let any of it go to waste.  Well, maybe the stuff that was rubbed into people’s bald heads.  This tour was debauchery on a whole level which the other distilleries were to have difficulty keeping up with.Other highlights of the week included a very pleasant afternoon ant Kilchoman, great days at Bowmore and Ardbeg and a fun time at Bruichladdich, who perhaps have the most to prove, as well as a very good gig by Skerryvore – who it turns out are terrible in a studio setting.  I may or may not write something about that on Kid Kinyl.

More complete details of the week can be found over at Cask Strength, a ‘blog of the event run by two fellas I met whilst I was there.


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