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Pollen to Polperro (by proxy)

December 22, 2007

This time two weeks ago I was sat next to a roaring fire in Bala, eating a big ham and leek pie and preparing to go and drink a stranger out of beer.

I’d spent the morning up a mountain in Snowdonia NP, standing in the middle of a peat bog, coring for pollen (amongst other things) and enjoying the rain, the wind and the snow.  Enjoy might be an odd word, but I genuinely did enjoy that weekend.  It was nice to get away from Sheffield, it was nice to be outside and it was nice to be doing proper work again instead of paper work.  As a bonus, North Wales reminds me of Cornwall so much that it felt quite homely.

Garrett and I had agreed to help Tudur do this part of his fieldwork for his PhD and over three days we got everything he needed to get done, done, plus a little bit more, so a success all round really.  Plus I got to buy some game from the butcher’s in Bala when we left.  Always good.

The following weekend began with a ZAP discussion on the Friday night, which was fantastically angry, then Dani came home with me as we spent the next two days commuting to York for the TAG conference sessions.  I heard an awful lot of crap there.

The next day we had a (very brief!) field trip up onto the Peak to look at one of the areas that we have to write a report on for palyonology (due the new year).  The highlight for me came through finding proper ale in the pub instead of all this Northern rubbish.  Again, it was nice to be outside again and at least this time we were lucky with the weather, with it staying pretty mild all day.

On Tuesday I finally got a chance to do the basic desk research for my PhD proposal and on Wednesday I went to see family and friends before Christmas in a whistlestop tour of Devon and Cornwall – Family for lunch in Liskeard, Becci for coffee in Truro and then Anna and Martin in Plymouth for dinner.

Thursday was the grand day of our Christmas Dinner (well, we had to do it, didn’t we?) which was a pretty fun way to spend the afternoon.  Many photos from this and Wales are on Facebook.

On Friday my new fridge-freezer arrived, which was exciting.  Garrett helped me receive it and then we hit B&Q before I finished my Christmas shopping.

And finally, today.  I took Kura up to the cattery in Chapel-en-le-Frith, got home, packed my bag, and arrived at Heathrow very early (so much less traffic than I was expecting!), leaving me to sit here in an internet cafe typing this.  Forgive any spelling errors above, this is a strange place to be sat at a computer!

 Merry Christmas All!