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Bailey and Bigos

November 26, 2007

Well, it’s been a busy few weeks.  My workload hasn’t lessened at all since I last posted on here but I have, at least, continued to keep myself busy at weekends too.

Three weekends ago I had a lovely time with my mum and dad when they came to stay; it was great to see them and we even made the discovery that it’s technically possible to get Indian food delivered here – although I haven’t tried it yet.

The following weekend Martin came to stay and, since he arrived on the Friday, we went down the pub in Sheffield.  Where he was subjected to several long and tedious conversations on subjects such as pollen.  He was eventually saved at closing time and we went to a different pub where the music was so loud that it was impossible to hear anyone speak.  Earlier that day we had gone to what is possibly the world’s most bizarre farm shop.

I say “farm shop”… I mean a room with a doorbell and three freezers full of meat, accompanied by a woman who says “what do you want” in a monotone and without ever looking you full in the face.

The Sunday night was the main event, as we had tickets to see Bill Bailey at Nottingham.  As four o’clock came and it started snowing, I was a little grateful that I’d lost the coin toss to decide who drove on the Friday.  We got some dinner in Nottingham and by the time we’d walked the length of

the street down to the Arena, our clothes were soaked through.  My jeans had just about dried out by the time the performance was over and I had to wonder why Martin had left his coat in the car…  By the time we got home there was up to 4″ of snow lying.

Amazingly, most of it had cleared by the time we got up the next morning.  It was a brilliant night though and a good weekend all round.

This last weekend came after what was meant to be (I believe) the deadline for the final essay we have due this term and by means of celebrating, I invited everyone over for a multicultural night in the country.  Ultimately, the essay deadline was postponed until today, but that only put the Greeks off.  The Saturday night, Marianne prepared a cracking Bigos for us and Garrett and Elan tried to prove to the rest of us once and for all that American biscuits are not the same thing as scones (for the record, I’ll concede that they do have a different texture – they’re like filo scones!).

Rob and I traded whiskies until about 3.30 in the morning and then at 8.30, able to contain my hunger no longer, I put the gas on under the frying pan.  I forget precisely how long it took to fry all that meat.  There was much porky goodness.  The roast dinner has been postponed until another occasion, however, as everyone returned to Sheffield to write their essays.

The other significant news of the last couple of weeks is that I’ve sorted out my dissertation topic.  I’ll be analysing the faunal assemblage from West Halton.  It’s principally an Anglo-Saxon site, but there’s some Bronze age material, which will keep me interested!