Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately…

I can barely remember all that I’ve done since I last wrote on here. I probably should have read the last entry before writing, but the main reason for writing this is to let certain people know what I’m up to if I don’t see them for a while, and I have seen people since I last posted here.

In fact, I had some really lovely meals with my mum and dad down here a couple of weeks ago where we also got to see some other friends and family I care about. After one meal, Martin and I managed to get through quite a lot of scotch at the Horse. Which was nice…

Last week I had the pleasure of a very wet boat trip on the Thames with my mum, dad and little brother which, despite the weather, was really rather enjoyable. Odd to think that we don’t know when we’ll next be together as just the four of us again. The less said about the “curry” the better…

On the uni front, the marks I’ve got back continue to be good and the exam I had on Friday went a lot better than I was expecting. One to go…

Oh, and that ‘phone I reviewed here a few weeks back is about to be put on eBay. Anyone interested, let me know.


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